If You Have Already Reached Your Goals, You Set Them Too Low In The First Place!
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Pay Off Your Home Quicker Infographic

Eight Steps to Setting Up Your Own Home Equity Line of Credit

23/01/2018 @ 2:10 pm
by David_Seamans
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What is the difference between a property that you pay $500,000 (capital and interest) and the same property when you pay $400,000 (capital and interest)?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – IT IS THE SAME DARN PROPERTY!! So based on your own real life figures that you inputted into our How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker analysis and that you have a copy of IN YOUR POSSESSION RIGHT NOW YOU WANT TO NOW GET GOING AND START SAVING MONEY STRESS AND HASSLE FREE TODAY A word of warning:  There will be:  bank managers lending brokers “experts” ‘friends’  workmates partners spouses social media […]